What are some good PC specs for animation

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What are some good PC specs for animation

Post by amaragh »

I'm trying to learn a little about animation in blender, I imported a human model from a program called make human, but when i try to pose the model it seems to be lagging behind when i move the body parts.

Is this normal or do i need a more powerful machine, as it stands i can imagine that if i were to add multiple characters to a scene plus scenery it may be impossible to animate the scene as it would move ridiculously slow. Or is there some view i should go in, to reduce the strain on the CPU while posing the model to allow for a more quicker response.

I had the same problems when trying to pose the 'Miku_1_4' blender character that i downloaded.

Any optimization advice would be great.

My PC specs are
AMD 3800 X2
ATI 3870
3 gigs of DDR

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Post by Mats78 »

Check that you're using the latest graphic card drivers. Your specs are fine, I've used an AMD Athlon 64 3000+ not so long ago and even that one worked ok.

What I suggest is turning off subsurf modifiers in the 3d view, or at least using low subdivision levels. Also, switch on the 'view fps' system preference so you can see if your animation plays at full speed.


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Post by mohanohi »

Ati cards are suffer from poor open gl performance.. it may be the cause. go for an basic nvidia card.. (Correct me if i am wrong)

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