Sequence problems

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Sequence problems

Post by ochensati » Tue Oct 13, 2009 10:48 am

I am not sure where to report these problems, but this seems to be the best spot.

I was trying to load a sequence of images as a texture for a billboard. I ended up with a whole mess of problems. The first is the image file dialog. The dialog will allow you to right click a file, but it will not load the file after it has been selected. This is confusing and non intuitive behavior, as you can highlight the file everywhere else.

The second problem is that the filename is mangled when it is brought back to the texture box. so instead of c:\...\fleur\00001.jpg, it becomes c:\...\fleur\010.jpg. Then I get an "Image not loaded" error. I have to hand type the name into the box.

Last, the sequence does not advance when rendering. (I have clicked autorefresh)

I am pretty new to blender, so I may have just missed something, but the behavior is really offputting.

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