Resetting a pose

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Resetting a pose

Post by karligula »

Hi folks,

Sorry if this is a dumb question but how can I set my armature pose back to the rest pose? I'm rigging a simple character and I've been posing him to test the skin deformation, but I'd like to put him back to the rest pose before I start creating proper poses and I can't find out how to do it?


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Post by karligula »

Hey I just discovered how to reset the pose myself!

So for the benefit of anyone else with the same question who might find this, all you have to do is go into pose mode, select all the bones, then choose Pose->Clear Transform->Clear Rotation - job done!

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Post by Hewi »

armatures pose mode:

W -- specials menu >> Clear users Transformations

--> clears all transformations

ALT G -- clears location
ALT R -- clears rotation
ALT S -- clears scale

Make sure you're in frame 1 and have no action keys opened in any action window.

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Post by AvenidaGez »

[quote="Hewi"]armatures pose mode:

I am new to Blender, and I can not believe there is no answer in years, because I have tried to find every where, an option to reset the pose mode to the edit mode and there is no answer
That is not true, not even in version 2.68, when you select in pose mode clear transformations all or whatever it does nothing.
Why there is not a simple way to reset the pose mode to the edit mode?
Is it that hard to do at least an addon
If you go to edit mode things are OK, why is that hard to pass that status to pose mode?

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Resetting Pose to rest position in Blender 2.67

Post by Spenc »

Make sure your in pose mode. Hover the mouse cursor over the edit window and press:


A drop down menu should pop up in which u can select:

"Clear User Transforms (ALL)"

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