How can I attach BVH files to 3DS models found in the net?

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How can I attach BVH files to 3DS models found in the net?

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Hi, I'm new to blender and found some 3DS models in the net and would like to animate them with some BVH files also found in the net. I'm able to open the BVH files and see the animation but the orientation is all messed up. How can I avoid this? I can also open the 3DS models but the texture and mapping information is missing. How can I make Blender to display the textured 3DS model? Also how can I align the armature from the BVH file with the 3DS model and rig it so I can animate the model? I need to attach several BVH files to the same model so I would like help with that also. Any Blender gurus that can help me with this?

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attach bvh files in blender

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were you able to do this as yet ???? I saw your post...

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We used to import Blender models into Cinema 4D and never had tags, textures set up. Also, geometry was messy.

Sames story trying to work with .3ds files in Cinema.

I don't think its possible to get full import of scenes between applications.



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