Problem with rotating particles

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Problem with rotating particles

Post by Carl »


I am using the particles system to make "bullets" fire from a little aircraft. The aircraft follows a path and does a few turns. However, when the craft turns, the already fired bullets turn with it. It looks very strange. The bullets are rotated in the same direction as the aircraft although they were fired some time ago and are still moving in the correct direction.

Is there any way to fix that, or is it a bug? Am I doing something wrong? The bullets fire from a particle system "server" that is parented to the aircraft.

If this explanation is strange, perhaps I could upload a small animation to make it clearer.

Please help... :)

Oh, and another thing... is it possible to have an animated backdrop in the animation? I know how to use a still image, and I also know how to attach an animation to a plane and use it as a background screen in the animation, but there are certaing things that does not works as I want and I need to have a real animated backdrop.

Thanks a lot!


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Post by drago451 »

to make an animated bg: ad a world and give it an animated texture, be shure to click the movie buttong on the top row ove the image tab. 8)

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