Part of model with attached Cloth for animating?

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Part of model with attached Cloth for animating?

Post by OriginalDaniel » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:16 pm

Hello, Firstly I'm trying to have part of my model use a cloth mod but i haven't found any tutorials relating to my issue so instead i made the cloth part a separate object.

The part i wish to use the cloth mod on:

But when it's a separate object it doesn't collide with my model and it's not attached to it, I need to animate a walk cycle with part of the model shown above using the cloth mod.

I haven't finished the rigging because i know if i finish it and still have yet to figure out the cloth mod part then it will only cause problems, So ill work on the texture now.
Also if i can't get it working with him standing still then that will only cause issues when i try to animate later so any ideas?
Any help is greatly appreciated :)

Kind regards

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