In line Rig following a path

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In line Rig following a path

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Hello Everyone, this is my first time on the Blender forums :?

I have been working with blender for about a year now and i have my first animation request. While working on this project i have been hitting several bumps in the road but I want to ask on the most important hiccup I'm having at the moment.

The model I am trying to animate is mostly a snake. It's a little weird though cause it has arms and it flies, and as I made the model and the rig it came out to having about 20 bones inline for the snake's body. Soon into the animation phase i found that it is very hard to animate it smoothly with this many points to manually manipulate.
As it flies it doesn't slither very much. It moves a bit more like a roller coaster and I began to think i could set the main line of bones to follow a Path for the animation. I tried out some of the modifiers and I see that in this area of blender i have no idea what I'm doing.

So i came here to ask if anyone knows how I can make the rig follow the path, or if anyone knew of a video or something i should follow for this.

Thank you very much for your help :) :roll:
~Imaginate! ~

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