Character distorts when appended intoscene for animation

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Character distorts when appended intoscene for animation

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I am having real trouble when trying to append new characters into a scene so that multiple characters can interact.

I have tried a few methods but all seem to end up with the imported character either distorting wildly when I move them, scale or rotate them.
I have tried appending the scene file then linking all the objects to the new scene - the character appears in the original scene but either looks fine in 3d view but is distorted in the render or the other character already in the scene is now distorted.

I have also tried appending all the items in the object file into my original scene...again this appears to work until I try to move the new character then everything distorts wildly.

This is driving me nuts! Could anyone explain step by step exactly what I should be doing?

Ive looked at tutorials online but I must be missing something fundemental?

Many thanks in advance.
Mutley :)

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