Scalable bone structure

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Scalable bone structure

Post by sabharish »

I am a blender newbie. These are the steps to create an animation in blender.
1.create a character.
2.Define armature.
3.Rig the character with the armature.
4.Weigh paint
5.Define pose frame wise to create an animation.
Here can I define a generalized armature which I can scale according to the character size?
Eg: I have an armature for a human being, I can use it for a kid as well as a woman and a man just by simply scaling the original armature.
Is this possible?
Please post relevant posts and links to kick off
Thanks in advance.

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Post by norvman »

Yes... you can...

An easy way to scale an entire Armature is to create a Root bone and parent the entire Armature to that Root bone... then simply scale the Root bone... the rest of the bones should scale with it (unless they are set not to do so... ) (see options under Properties > Bone > Relations > Parent)

also if you simply Tab into edit mode and move, Rotate, and scale your bones to fit a smaller or larger mesh than what it originally was designed for, you can reuse that Armature many times.... This in fact is quite a common practice...

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