Can I convert F-Curve to keyframes ( for subtitles )

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Can I convert F-Curve to keyframes ( for subtitles )

Post by YQ-YSY » Sun Oct 14, 2012 3:33 am

Can I convert Curve to keyframes ( Do it for subtitles of moive's dialogue )

In Graph Editor, I make a curve like "stairs", and I want to adjust some steps longer in somewhere of this "stairs",。
How should I do ?
If I can convert F-Curve to keyframes, then I can adjust the keyframe's distance longer, get the result I wanted.
Is it possible ?

All of these is do for subtitles of moive's dialogue, this TEXT Animation Scene will be add into VSE (Video Sequence Editor). So, it needs find a way to easy adjust the keyframe, let TEXT Animation move up follow the moive's dialogue.


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Post by CoDEmanX » Sun Oct 14, 2012 1:58 pm

Spacebar -> Bake action?

can't you just use a box selection, then move curve points?
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Post by YQ-YSY » Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:09 am

Sorry, I don't speak English well.

Blender 2.64a have not Subtitles Editor. A movie have so many dialogue, the work of build subtitles is not noly "typing words" but also adjust the sentence's "show time" at every dialogue beginning. So I think the way "make some images of the subtitles" is not conducive to proofread and revise.

At first, I want to insert a "distance" keyframe, let the TEXT object first line move to next line in one frame. So in Edit mode, every line/sentence after I typed, I can duplicate this "distance" keyframe in DopeSheet editor, and adjust the location of them to the dialogue beginning. Then the work looks so easy.

But I can't find where is can insert "distance" keyframe, the shortcut/hotkey "I" menu have the chioce of "Location, Visual Location, Delta Location". I tried them but not work. Did I make misktake in somewhere?

Here is how to make a "stairs" F-Curve in Animation layout of Blender:
(1) 3D View editor, Object mode, Insert 3 keyframes of location. ( The 2nd is duplicate by 1st, 3rd is new location after moved.)
(2) there is first step of "stairs" in Graph editor, key N show properties at the right, press "Add Modifier" button, chioce "cycles", now the F-Curve looks like "heart beat curve".
(3) In Cycles panel, "Before" menu chioce "No Cycles", "After" menu chioce "Repeat with Offset", now the F-Curve looks like "stairs".
(4) Maybe one more things: Look up, in Active Keyframe panel, Inerpolation menu, chioce "Constant", let "stairs" not too smooth.
(5) Now, play the animation, you can see the object move and stop and move and shop......very regular.

I just hope I can adjust the time, let the subtitles of every sentence "stop" longer or shorter when dialogue speaking in the moive.

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