Animating Water which tiles in *all* directions ....

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Animating Water which tiles in *all* directions ....

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I need to produce an 'animated' texture of "water" for a game in which each image *tiles* in 'all' directions, much like those produced by the Caustics Generator, but with the power and flexibility of Blender.

The final result from Caustics Generator is 32 images that are actually animated such that when the full 32 images are played in a loop they will seamlessly loop forever. They will not only loop in time, but each image also tile in all directions. This is nice, but it comes in only one flavor.

I'd like to accomplish the same thing with Blender (so I can more than 1 flavor) and have actually gotten to the point where I generate X number of images, but they do *not* tile in 'all' directions, nor are they slightly animated. I've tried texture animations using offsets but with only limited success.

Does anyone know how to get me the rest of the way in Blender? :D

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