Animating a hand shooting and reloading a gun

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Animating a hand shooting and reloading a gun

Post by Cobra! »

I'm making a game, and I'm making the sprites based on Blender models. I've made a gun and (kind of) a hand model, and I want to make the hand shoot the gun and reload it.

I'm having troubles making them both move as if the hand was holding the gun, what I mean is, I wanted to move the hand up to reload it, I couldn't do it just by selecting them move, moving them and setting the keyframes, I didn't expect them to.

So I've tried parenting them, it kind of worked, but it still want right, also, that would mean I can't for arguments sake pass the gun from one model, and give it to another, and make that use the gun, you know, within an animation/cutscene.

I've tried looking it up on google, but all I got were animations people had already made of guns.

So how can I animate these 2 models as if one was holding the other?

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