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Importing and Animating a MakeHuman Model in Blender

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:31 am
by Jagger19
Alright, so I'm not ENTIRELY new to Blender. I have the whole model, rig, etc. loaded into Blender. My first question: which rig from MakeHuman (in the .mhx format) is best for Blender? By that, I mean which rig gives you more control over the model? I've spent a day working with rigs and making them work with my gun model, and I'm still stumped as to which rig gives me more control. Next question: are there any animating shortcuts? Like maybe a file that automatically controls the the bones and makes them do a running sequence? This is really annoying me right now, as animating is not really my strongsuit. Also, are there any other shortcuts to animating?