Animating with Rigify, getting some unexpected results

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Animating with Rigify, getting some unexpected results

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I have just learned how to use rigify and successfully made a walking animation for my human.

I'm running into some problems trying to make an animation where my human waves his hand.

I cant seem to be able to make the palm of the hand face forward without twisting the mesh somewhere.

Feels like I don't have enough freedom with the rigify armature, or i'm just missing something.

I can provide the blend file if needed, until then maybe there's something obvious that I should know about?

I tried playing with weight painting and didnt really help, just made the mesh all crazy-like (no better way to explain it).

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Animating with Rigify, getting some unexpected results


If you to the armature layers you will find there the def bones. You will see that there are actually two bones for the forearm. What is happening is that the second bone has a copy rotation from the hand. I dont remember if this is copy rotation or copy transforms actually. If it is copy rotation just put the influence to 0.5 or less. In that way when you rotate the hand you will have a smaller rotation for the forearm and less deformation and twist. Also check your own hand and forearm and see how much it really twists!!!
Maybe you overdo it a bit :wink:
I hope it helps

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