Is there a way to optimize animation keys..

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Is there a way to optimize animation keys..

Post by chiblue »

I recently purchased an animated character, I converted the model to DAE and imported it into blender, everything worked except for the animations, it appears that the blender import created a key frame for every bone for each animation key, so having 30+ bones and 150 key frames, I ended up with lots and lots of key frames.... This makes it very difficult to change the animation keys...

Is there a way to optimize this in blender, i.e. a tool that will convert all consecutive keys with the same rotation and position to a single key?

I hope this makes sense...

j kaulfers
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Post by j kaulfers »

I see exactly what you are saying but the answer I likley no. Reason being, 3D space, the system must know all the points of all the objects height width and depth and there relations to each other in order to animate.

However there is an option located at the bottom of the key frame window to display only the selected objects, so you can cut back what is visible in the key frames. so if your animating eyes for example and you click on the only selected all you will see are the keyframes for the eyes.

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