BVH animation cleanup tutorial?

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BVH animation cleanup tutorial?

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I'm doing motion capture with a software called "ipisoft", which outputs more or less ready to use animations. Here is the third take I made this morning.

I'd like to be able to do some simple animation cleanup, like deleting part of the animation, or change the movement of the character slightly.

I'd be glad if you could help me finding some tutorial that would help me learning how to do this. I was able to change the position of an arm in an animation frame, but cannot figure out how to reflect this new position in nearby frames, in order to keep a fluid and elegant animation.



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Re: BVH animation cleanup tutorial?


You can check that one. ... A906E761FE

Pretty good series of tutorials for Mocap.

If you want to make changes it isn't going to be that easy according to my experience. Nevertheless this is a very good tutorial which explains a lot of stuff.

Good luck!


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