noob and confused

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noob and confused

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hi there, sorry if ive posted this somewhere were it shouldnt be, but if any help or direction on these questions will be greatly appriciated.

basically im used to working in Adobe Premiere, have dabbled in After Effects (but i dont have regular access to AE software)
and have recently discovered Blender 2.65 as i want to eventually 3d projection map the videos that i have created onto simple objects. however even after looking at many online tutorials im abit confused about how id go about keyframing (like you would in premiere) to transform the object/camera angle.
although this is very far off where i am, this video should hopefully give an idea of how i intend to map the images.

i have learnt how to uv map onto the shape but for some reason i cant simply select the edges etc which effects the mapping of the image, but it is videos id like to attach to the shape, is this possible?

thanks in advance!

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