Moved blend file from one machine to another machine

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Moved blend file from one machine to another machine

Post by RamSurya » Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:38 am

Hi !

I was doing my animation in my laptop and got a new high configuration system. I moved all my work from my laptop to my desktop. Installed Blender in the new machine and try to render the work that I did in my old system. It did not work. The mesh is not displaying when rendered. The cloth is displaying but not the mesh.

Please note:
When I was doing this work, as the mesh was intersecting with cloth I removed some part of part of the mesh (which will not be visible with cloth). I imported these models from Make human.

I verified the following and they are looking good
1. Outliner ( the mesh is selected )
2. The correct layer is selected for rendering
3. I don't see anything wrong in the material property.

I am not sure whether Blender is looking for anything property/attribute while rendering, which I did not copy to my new machine.

Can any help me?


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Post by psullie » Wed Feb 13, 2013 10:23 am

try File -> External Data -> Report Missing Files to see if you have any broken links.
If you still have a working copy on your laptop use File -> External Data -> pack to .blend to copy all assets to a blend file then copy this to your new machine

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