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Can't add a near sensor! Pleeease help!

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:24 am
by andreazana
Hello everyone, I was wondering if someone out there can help me. I'm having trouble adding a "near" sensor to my model. My model is composed by the model itself, which has all its animations, and a small cube in the lower part in which I've set move forward and turn left and right movements. I also have some cubes and spheres all over my scene. I want my character to "lose one life", being this life counter a property, when touching any of these objects. I've tried setting collision sensor, no results. Then I tried with a touch sensor, no results. I think the near sensor suits my needs better, but I don't know why my model can push the objects and nothing happens to the property! My objects have the "actor" option ticked.

Please help, I've followed every tutorial out there and have no more ideas.