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Q: Exporting object action as bone animation (to Unity 3D)

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:21 am
by tonebacas
hi. i'm trying to make a animated model, a broken slab, composed of multiple fractures (got them using the cell fracture tool). after running the simulation in the game engine mode in blender, i recorded the transforms, so now i have a whole lot of keyframes for each fracture.
i want to use this pre-recorded animation in a game (i'm building it using Unity 3D engine), but after trying to export the animated model as it is, i don't get the animation on Unity's side.

is there any way to use the keyframes i already have for each fracture, and associate those to armature bones? if this is possible, i'll get an armature bone animation Unity 3D can recognize.