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Is it possible to blend audio file with blender 3d model?

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2013 10:04 pm
by Getsy

I need your help very urgently please.

As we know, we are creating 3d model in Blender to use further on our applications, whether on web or mobile. I am developing an Cocos3d iOS app where i use 3d model which has been created using blender. I am able to load blender 3d model which has textures, walk cycle animation etc. properly in my iOS app very well. I am doing LipSync animation now for that 3d human model.
My issue is,
I have done LipSync in my 3d Blender model for a speech audio by animating using video seq. editor, mouth armatures and using phoneme shapes, but how can i blend this audio with my 3d model, so that it can directly play it when I load this model in my iOS app? Like, how textures have been blended with 3d model itself and provide the same texture image in our application bundle, will take care of showing required textures accordingly.

So, please advise me, is it possible to blend an audio with lipsync animation in blender file itself and load that directly on our apps? If yes, please direct me to get that help or tutorials?

Thank you in Advance!