Generating vertex keys with armatures?

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Generating vertex keys with armatures?

Post by Gerry »

Does anyone know of a way to make a relative vertex key from the deformation of a mesh caused by an armature?

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Post by slikdigit »

might be doable via python but I haven't tried
you could do the keys manually
but it would be a nice feature imo.

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Post by bfvietnam »

The way the IK deform happens teh actual model is not changed but a copy of it. so there is probably no way to do what you expect, because the original model never changes and that's what the relative vertex keying uses. This is not to say it couldn't be a future feature.. Might be possible with python though..

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Post by Monkeyboi »

Someone could write a constraint to do this. Theeth? Please!

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Post by theeth »

You can use two scripts that JMS did. ApplyArmature and Copy RVK for that. I don't have the links, sorry, but if you look for them over at elyusiun, you'll find them.

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