animating duplicated objects

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animating duplicated objects

Post by agnostus »

I am new to blender and afraid I have made some sort of stupid mistake:

I have modeled an object, rigged and skinned it and then posed. Everything worked fine. Then I have multiplied the object, but now I have the problem that I cannot animate the duplicates individually. I guess it has something to do with IPOs, but I have not been able to figure out what exactly (giving each duplicate an object-IPO of its own did not work).

Can anyone give me a hint?

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Post by lightning »

Are both objects connected to the same armature? The Armature uses a system different to IPO's, its called Actions. This is what needs to be seperate.

BTW it is better to ask these types of question on, the coders here get a bit annoyed when too many people ask user questions ;)
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