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Curve Deform

Post by hello »

The curve deform looks like it could be a pretty neat feature, but it lacks some pieces that it should have.

1. It only allows you to control an entire mesh with one curve, even within the same object.
2. There needs to be some way of parenting both a curve deform and an armature skeleton to the same mesh.
3. There should be a way to define what vertices of the mesh are deformed by the curve.

Right now, the only way to use the curve deforms on any model that needs more controls than just a curve, is to use hooks on the mesh, then vertex-parent the hook empties to another mesh that can't be seen, and put a curve deform on that mesh. It gets pretty complex and cluttered, and may not even work correctly.

I think the curve deforms are a good idea, but just need to be expanded a little :) .

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Post by joeri »

"expand it a little" is blender's middle name.

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Post by bmud »

You know, I hadn't even tried the hook or path deforms yet, but I had no idea that path wasn't assignable to a group of points like a bone. That's unfortunate since I thought it would be the perfect way to animate a tail. Speaking of animating that very tail, the path deform stretches the mesh, doesn't it? If yes, then, add a toggle.. but if no, then.. good job! I'll play with it this afternoon.

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