Suggestion/BugFix: Match Y-axis and Number displays

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Suggestion/BugFix: Match Y-axis and Number displays

Post by metaphorz »

Suggestion for change/fix in Blender's IPO window:

BACKGROUND: if one of the Rot variables is fitted in the IPO window,
the corresponding value for Y is divided by 10. This is true even if
the Rot variable shows, for example, Y-axis numbers from 0 to 360
(i.e, when a vertex is selected at Y-axis value 360, it will show in
the Numbers window, incorrectly, as 36.

ANALYSIS: the above behavior is odd, and is completely unexpected.
The presumed idea of visually compressing certain IPO curves so
that multiple curves can be co-displayed without zooming/unzooming
is admirable, but visually displaying the wrong numbers only serves
to confuse the user, and it is technically inaccurate to click on something
that clearly reads 340 on the Y-axis, but then reads "34" in the
Numbers display. I am not aware of any other modeling package
attempting this strange behavior.

SUGGESTION: Fix this by displaying the correct number corresponding
to the selected vertex. If the user wishes to draw multiple curves in
the same window, they will be willing to zoom/unzoom as needed,
and get Numbers readings that are correct. The alternative is for
users to open up another window for angle IPOs, if they prefer not
to scale. Moreover, it is easy enough in one window to simply single
select IPOs, resulting in properly displayed and scaled curves.

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Post by mchs3d »

I didn't know about this one... probably laziness... or, it serves a purpose? I'll check it out, but can't garuntee anything. :?

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