Rigging, Weighting, and Appending?

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Rigging, Weighting, and Appending?

Post by tiggs »

Greeting fellow Blender users,

I have been getting into Blender more and more recently and have a question about appending a rigged and weighted model. You see I am not sure it can be done. I tried it but it didn't seem to work. Also I googled but came up blank. Does anyone know if it is possible to appended a rigged and weighted model into another scene without loosing anything. If anybody could help me out here I would really appreciate it. Many thanks in advance. :)

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Post by William »

It can be done.

Just select all the mesh objects you want to be deformed, plus the armature (you need to rightclick to select more), and append.

Alternatively, you can append them one at a time and reassign the meshes to the armature (Ctrl-P). The weighting should be retained, as it is stored in the mesh.


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