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Post by myfish »

I've had a good look around the forum, and i'm using blender now with the prospect of animation.

Anyway, for reasons i won't go into...

I would like a list of proposed constraints for blender.

I see from the wiki, that a re-code is on-hold.

would like to see roll-handles on the bones and



etc, etc

also a boolean logic set, or proximity constraints

roll-like "target" if/or/and/etc

some i find very useful in animation master, others i can only dream of.

the target physics would behave like

aim-at "target" if "target" with auto ease control.


ball is thrown
ball is target
hand is constrained with logical aim, roll, recoil, etc

we would keyframe as usual, but the area defined in the constraints would , or could generate an automatic catch.

A pre-defined area around each bone could determine each constraints limits.

Just an idea..


I'm not a coder, but i'd like to be.


After playing with the new armature envelopes.....

A multi layered system like this could, or would be great.
layer 1 controls vertex mesh
layer 2 controls proximity constraints

you would possibly be able to set collision detection using a similar setup around objects.

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Post by etienneL »

Hi myfish,
have look at this link:
( Forum Index -> Testing Builds -> Soc project: IK, Mac OS X 10.3, Windows (2005/08/19) )[/url]

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Post by myfish »

cheers, that goes a LONG way towards making things really usable.

Its my view that great rigging options will bring blender into the WOW :shock: zone.

Its close already, but, seriously, i can see options now for rigging i couldn't envisage before.

Now, for a build with envelopes, IK orientation, and fluids

I have 1 of each. will they work together ?

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Post by LetterRip »

I'm sure they would work together if merged into the same tree, but you'll probably need to wait at least a few weeks before that happens.


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