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Paint Weght Delay...

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 11:01 am
by hdd
Hi to all ,
a little question....

I'm trying to make a simple skinning , but when I try to paint the Weight of a specific Bone , I need to move the timeline to see the new Bone Weight...

There some way to have the Vertex Group Updated when I select a new Bone?

Thanks in advance .

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2005 10:28 pm
by z3r0_d
weight painting works fine when the armature is posed only by an action block, are you trying to weight paint after messing with NLA stuff?

Posted: Wed Sep 21, 2005 3:37 pm
by hdd
... I' ve modelled a dyno, make the Bone system and then tryed to paint weight...
if you need it i can post the scene...

.... I have found the same problem with the rig posted on