I need help with backbuf!

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I need help with backbuf!

Post by hohatcha »

Can you help me with this?
Ok. I need to place 3d object to avi video how i can do that?

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Post by osxrules »

I'm guessing you mean you want to add a 3D object to an already filmed avi rather than just encode an animation.

To do the former takes quite a lot of work. You have to do motion tracking of the avi using a camera tracker like Icarus or Voodoo. Then you import the tracked geometry into Blender with a script and match the objects to the scene.

Then you render the 3D objects with no anti-aliasing round the edges. Using the key button in the render panel does this adequately. Then you take your renders and merge them with your avi in a compositing app like Final Cut pro, Shake, Combustion, After effects, Premiere etc and voila.

Here's a good step by step tutorial:


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