Simple question: lowering framerate

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Simple question: lowering framerate

Post by alwaysrushed »

I'm trying to render an animation that was created for 60fps at a lower framerate... they are being saved as individual files, but something tells me just deleting every 2nd frame file is not as good quality because the motion blur doesn't realize the nearby frames will be removed, etc. not to mention the wasted time rendering unneeded frames during a test run.

How can a change the frame rate for rendering?

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Post by Mats78 »

I'm not completely sure on what you actually want, but try "map old" and "map new" in the Anim/playback panel. In your case leaving map old to the default 100 and setting map new to 50, for example, would make your animation run twice as fast. You could then render it at 30fps.


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