Armature Basics

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Armature Basics

Post by Creamyyogurt »

K, i am still a new person at blender, i am only 16 and have had to teach myself through tutorials how to do this stuff, so i need some help with the armature or at least a good link that can teach me more from the point i am at. Currently i know how to parent the mesh to the armature, name the bones, connect verticies, move the bones in pose mode, and make a bone parent to another. That is everything that i know about armatures.

So mostly what i need is to know what else there is to learn, i dont know where to look, where to start, and what to look for. I am hoping, and am sure of, that their is an easier way to make video animation by moving bones from place to place by hand, such as making the entire body turn or walk, (How do you make the bones effect each other besides parenting? is their a way?) I just recently got the blender book to so if anyone could refrence a good page i should look at, i am realy trying to figure out what to do though.

So that is what i need. Much apreciated.

If you feel like looking at what i am working on, it isnt much but I worked on it for a while.

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Post by Mats78 »

You'll get more response at

You could try approaching animation through some kind of step-by-step guide to give you an overview of the process. Technically it isn't by any means an impossible task but involves keeping a clear head all the way from planning to finished product. Blender helps in a way that it acts very predictably - but you need to know what tools are available. The hard part lies in actual animating, where many general rules apply.

So I'd say follow tutorials and ask specific questions to figure out how to move, rotate, model, rig, skin, render and so forth. To learn animation read books and... well, just animate really.

About your question regarding bones, take a look at inverse kinematics. But keep in mind that there is no "easy way" to get nice animation, it requires a bit of effort and time (and yes, you need to move, rotate and scale your bones as you want them).


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