Water effect and a funny story

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Water effect and a funny story

Post by mstram »

Ok, I'm experimenting with particles, and looking at Colin Litster's
water tutorials and the Fluid Simulator docs to find out how to create
this effect.

I welcome any and all suggestions on how to do it.

I'll describe the effect at the end of this post, but first a little
story :

A couple of years ago, at my cousin's cottage, on a nice sunny day we
headed down to the dock for some water skiing. My cousin suited up to go
first. He's a well built guy about 5-10 / 200lbs. The boat we were using
was old and only had a 50hp engine.

Normally the boat could *just* usually get him up and out of the water
on two skiis.

Well today he decided to try to get up on one (slalom) right out of the
water, though he had his doubts on whether the boat was powerful enough.

So into the water he goes, and we start slowly motoring out, taking up
the slack.

As the slack went out, and he was ready, he yelled "Hit it", and I
slammed down the throttle and the old motor growled into action.

Well everything started as usual, though it did seem like it was taking
longer than normal for him to get up out of the water. As the boat
picked up speed, he seemed to actually be submerging instead of
surfacing though !

As the boat reached it's piddly top speed, as I looked back all I could
see was the top of his head, "submarining" along the surface of the
water. (Makes me laugh even now just thinking about it). He held onto
the rope for about 15 or 20 seconds in a valiant effort, but finally
gave up and released the rope.

As he surfaced, and we slowed down and came back for him, we were all
laughing so hard, we had tears, and I remember saying I couldn't
breathe, I was laughing so hard.

I think he might have said something like "Ya, I guess the boat does'n't
have enough power after all"

================================================== ==

So what I want to simulate is an object (a sphere say) that is half
submerged under water, moving quickly horizontally to displace the
water, i.e. creating a 'wake' behind it, while also simulating the
oncoming water rising up and over the sphere.

Actually I'll use an animated character eventually, and I'd love to come
up with a finished animation with the skier, boat, all particpants, but
the "submarine effect" is the "heart" of this whole idea.

I have Colin's sample files, and I have just now modified DadCantDraw's
particle simulation grass simulation, to have a ball roll through
"wheat", thinking that something similar could be applied to water.

Any tips / links / idea are greatly appreciated.


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