can i help?

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can i help?

Post by lisalin »

i found out about the projects apricot and peach and i would love to help. i am not a programmer and am about to enter my final year at school but im sure every little bit helps.
what can i do to help?

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Post by stiv »

Easiest way to work on Peach and Apricot is to travel back in time since they have been over for a couple years. Latest project was Durian which resulted in the already released movie "Sintel".

A new project has not been started since development has been focused on getting the stable Blender 2.57 release out the door. Since there is no plan, there are not staffing requirements yet. But it helps to be good at something.

Open source games are often looking for people to help with the artwork.

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Post by raexe »

Well, the only way I know you can help is by supporting them financially (donations, buying DVDs, etc.). If you are not a programmer, artist or designer.

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Post by CoDEmanX »

yep, you can donate to the Blender Foundation here: ... n-payment/
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