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Blender Conference 2004?

Posted: Mon May 24, 2004 12:52 am
by Monkeyboi
Any info on Blender Conference 2004 would be neat. You can never be too early.

So, where, when and what this year?

Posted: Tue May 25, 2004 5:53 am
by Burritoboy
I was just wondering this myself.

I'll be coming from HK, where I freelance, so any early info would be good. Got too busy last year but if I know early enough I can make a slot for it.

It'll be great to be back in the Neds.




Posted: Thu May 27, 2004 12:42 pm
by fiammy
Yes, yes. It was our first time last year we attended, being a bit newbies, but we had a great time.
We would really like to come again this year, just let us know.

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2004 11:59 pm
by jd-multi
Strange did Ton forgot to organise a Blender 2004 Conference? Last year we already know around this time that there was a 2003 conference, but it seams someone is really bussy and maybe forgot to organise it. :D Well anyways, any plans for a blender 2004 conference? :P

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2004 9:29 am
by levon

Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2004 11:04 am
by fiammy
Yes, yes! I must admit, I was a bit worried we didn't hear about it until now, but the anticipation must have gotten to Ton. Hence the start of the proceedings.

I'll be there, and I hope it'll be as fun as last time, where I sadly was only able to go for one day.

This rocks!