Blender Battle

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Blender Battle

Post by alltaken »

Unfortunatly i cannot afford the time nor the money to go to a confrence (one of the fun things about living on an island at the bottom of the world)

i am hoping/dreaming to have a multi-country/ multi-confrence, simultaneous blender battle.

perhaps about 1 hour long or 30 mins (if one hour is to long for people who are at a confrence)

people battling in real person i think is a bit more appealing, with anger, yelling, and general groupd of people watching others blend really hard core (such as a gaming lan party goes like)

i was hoping to get it on the list of confrence timetables so that all the countries have it at the same time. and have it run just like any other blender battle. perhaps running it off elysiun though.

please tell me if this idea is feasible or not. would people be interested in this kind of battle? or this use for the confrence?

have fun everyone, i shall be there some time in the future.


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Post by jeotero »

some realtime screenshots and chat at the same time :D

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