BF-Blender OSX PPC, Py2.3 12/11/2006

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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BF-Blender OSX PPC, Py2.3 12/11/2006

Post by harkyman »

w00t! Most up-to-date build in this thread is OSX for once!

Render passes, fixes, all the goodies.

Also, you get the cute splash screen with it.

File is a zipped Disk Image, which I've found is the most reliable way to deliver these. ... how&id=334

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Post by fastsolve »

It DOSN'T work.

I open it, INSTANT crash.

I put it into the official blender 2.42a directory, replacing the origanal blender, when I open it instant CRASH.

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Post by TroutMaskReplica »

doesn't launch.

none of the os x builds on launch. i think there must be something wrong with the build procedure, because i've tried on several machines, ppc and intel, and they don't launch.

harkyman, if you have access to a mac other than the one on which you created the build, you should run a test to see if the build launches.

don't mean to nag, i appreciate the effort you are putting into making these builds available.

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