Need help building normal & debug builds for Linux

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Need help building normal & debug builds for Linux

Post by Pixel3D »

I want to build a debug version of Blender in Linux, to try and find out
why the renderer is crashing on my machine.

First, I'm starting by trying to build a normal build. If I can get it to work,
then I'll try for a debug build. I'm having some trouble though.

I downloaded the (blender/) source, and also the (lib/linux-glibc2.3.1-i386) module

I cd'd to the directory with the blender source and typed


Below is the console printout

====> make all in extern
make[1]: /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/source/tools/guess/guessconfig: Command not found
====> make all in extern/qhull/src
make[2]: /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/source/tools/guess/guessconfig: Command not found
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include user.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/user.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include global.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/global.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include stat.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/stat.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include io.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/io.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include geom2.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/geom2.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include poly2.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/poly2.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include merge.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/merge.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include qhull.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/qhull.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include geom.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/geom.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include poly.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/poly.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include qset.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/qset.o
cc -c -DGAMEBLENDER=1 -DUSE_SUMO_SOLID -DNDEBUG -I../include mem.c -o /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/mem.o
cd /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/; ar rv /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/libqhull.a user.o global.o stat.o io.o geom2.o poly2.o merge.o qhull.o geom.o poly.o qset.o mem.o
ar: creating /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/obj//extern/qhull/libqhull.a
a - user.o
a - global.o
a - stat.o
a - io.o
a - geom2.o
a - poly2.o
a - merge.o
a - qhull.o
a - geom.o
a - poly.o
a - qset.o
a - mem.o
make[2]: /home/general/programs/blender_cvs/blender/intern/tools/ Command not found
make[2]: *** [install] Error 127
make[1]: *** [all] Error 1
make: *** [all] Error 1

Please help.


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Post by pinhead_66 »

you might be more succesfull using scons (I find it easier)

wasn't using make abandoned?


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