Blender 2.43 & Gentoo

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Blender 2.43 & Gentoo

Post by eddy_alfatec »

Hi all, ive recently installed Gentoo and built Blender 2.43, the mouse cursor breaks up over the blender Interface, ive had this all working before with the same setup and had no problems, not sure if its a bug and ive missed it?

Any ideas?

Eddy :)

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Post by alarionfirn »

Haven't used my gentoo box for a while. Probably you should give 2.45 a try (don't know if it's in the stable portage or not, though). Perhaps someone else could comment on this?

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Post by stiv »

UI problems like ths tend to be driver/settings/card related. Turn off cursor shadows and other eye candy.

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Post by mpan3 »

Yes the issue is likely display-driver related. Did you install the latest binary driver from ATI/Nvidia/Intel?

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