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Blender 2.5 alpha first impressions and problems

Posted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:59 pm
by spiritech

i have decided to download blender-2.5-alpha2-linux-glibc27-x86_64. and give it a test run. this is the first time i have tried an unfinished build and would like to give some feed back from a users point of view, i am not a programmer.

this is the first time i have used this section of the forum and hope i can be of help. any suggestions on the kind of feed back that is required would be helpful too.

i am going to try and outline the problems i encounter and maybe ask questions about things i cant find. so any response to these questions would be appreciated.i am going to try and not be critical about the new build in any way and just list the problems i have in trying to use blender as i normally would.

i will update this post as often as i can.

so here goes

rotating, zooming and general navigation of view feels allot smoother

shaded is missing from viewport shading

split and join areas is missing

the edit button has vanished. when i say edit button i mean the one on the buttons panel

the apply size/rot to obdata is missing, i tried to apply size/rotate separately whilst using duplivert for the usaul effects. it did not work

the materials and textures panels subsections are easier to understand than before. though the subsections need to be a little more compact.

is there going to be a tools shelf button, in the buttons panel. if so is it going to replace the edit button.

i miss having the edit button.

i think the edit button should remain.

where has the edit button gone

the tool shelf could either be added to the buttons panel as a button.
the tool shelf could be added as a subsection under the edit button in buttons panel. :)
the tool shelf could replace mesh tools

so my first impressions are

all the original usability is still there if you take the time to look. accept the edit button has vanished. :(

could someone please reply to this post and inform me if this is the correct type of feed