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Problem with Blender 2.53Beta

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 1:24 am
by eTo
Hi everyone, after releasing Beta version i decided to check out new Blender some more, and after short while all panels and windows went gray.
I have no idea how to call it, but it looks like this:

When i move over panels, they reveal them self, but in 3dview window, or outliner i have to move camera or content with mmb to see them. Also when i move mouse on very bottom of screen, everything comes back, but as i move mouse panels still go gray.
My pc specs:
cpu: amd athlon 64 3000+ (2Ghz)
ram: 1,5 Gb
gfx card: ati radeon 9600pro 128mb
drivers version: 8.593.100.0
OS: windows xp sp3

Anyone know what is happening, or how to fix this issue?

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:59 pm
by stiv
Sounds like the usual problems with poor OpenGL support. Usual answers apply:

update video driver from card manufacturer

turn off Aero

Adjust Blender draw settings in User Prefs

turn down hardware acceleration

Posted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 7:04 pm
by eTo
Thx for fast answer, turning down hardware acceleration solved problem :)