Beta 2.53 wrong path of linked files and texture

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Beta 2.53 wrong path of linked files and texture

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Hi all! I'm working on a project and I was linking some groups coming from differents .blend files and Blender seems write wrong path of connect files to the scene you're working on when you save it. While working seems to connect them correctly but when you're going to save, often it writes wrong path name of the files and even the textures. It repeats the entire path twice example:

I got the file (where i link all the object) that I want to save in the folder:

H:\home\mypc\Scrivania\Myproject\Modelli\Ambientazioni\Scenari\Stanza Pietro\Scene01.blend

and the object (the bed) file stored in the folder:


when I'm going to save the file Scene01.blend (the one with all the object linked in correctly) it saves the path of the object linked in this way:


(in bold the wrong path)

It seems to merge the some of the first path, the scene01.blend file and the complete path of the linked file. Same thing with the texture.

Is there a solution?

Thanks in advance!

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