Particle Fluid not heaping

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Particle Fluid not heaping

Post by pknobloch » Wed Dec 01, 2010 10:01 am

i've seen a video where the particles are like sand , ... i tried all types of configurations (and the same than in the tuto) and this on ones of the last built form graphicall , but noting to do i cant make a heap of particles , like sand ....
- one time they are too aglomerated and melting...
- and on the other time they are flowin out the scene .
i may bo a mistake but i tried i two days =(

so i'm trying to do some thing like sand , wherethe particles can be thrown on a heap , but w/ out moving like liquids or flowing / jumping around.

i sent my subject to a programmers reports/topic because of the change of the interface since the built shown in the linked video .

here is an example of what i tired today ...

particles aren't staying in place .

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