Cycles dont render texture from an accentuated directory

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Cycles dont render texture from an accentuated directory

Post by foxhanuman »

Hi all :)

I don't think it's a bug, but a development workaround ... The problem is very simple.

Context :

The same texture in 2 different directory, the first without accent and the second with.

Tested with :

- Blender 2.63 - 46507 - Fastest ( graphicall buid )
- Blender 2.63 - 46561 - Fastest ( graphicall buid )
- Blender 2.63 - 45996 - Official distrib

Problem :

- Using the texture under the not accentuated directory will work with Blender Render and Cycles.

- Using the other one wont work with cycles.

Conclusion :

Like i said to begin, it's not a real bug but ... i've lost 2 hours with that problem yesterday and i wanted to share it.

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Post by stiv »

Not clear what you mean by a texture with accent.


Post by foxhanuman »

stiv wrote:Not clear what you mean by a texture with accent.
Sorry, stiv, thx for your interest.

I mean the texture directory name like "x:\img\txtr\Béton".

And i've forgot to mention i run Blender on W7/64.

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Post by Batty »

I have found out after a test that my Textures with cycles won't render too. They won't even show up in the Blender Browser with pictures. I have had the same picture on another harddisk and it rendered without problems.

I tested the following: on the disk where the pictures didn't apply I made a change. I took that among other pictures which didn't work and pulled them out of their directory, so that they were on the surface of the harddisk and - they showed up and rendered perfectly. Another unofficial release even crashed by this.

It seams that cycles and the Blender version 2.63 (off rel) has some problems with deep folder hierarchies. Only one or two folders deep was working somehow.

kr Batty

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