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2.63a (Make Face) and (Fill) mis-behaving

Posted: Sun May 20, 2012 9:25 am
by master_rigel2
I am getting eratic and unexpected behavior from make face and fill functions under 2.63a

These features seem to work fine under uniform meshes that are divided using subdivide, but any inconsistency in the mesh. causes my mesh to either have holes and/or polygons that should not exist. I've taken pains to make sure that the mesh is all triangles, in order to rule out the potential for this behaviour to just be my bad modelling. Many of the extra faces aren't even flat(planar). I thought bmesh was restricted to creating flat faces.

What I was expecting to have happen is that my faces would be filled in on a per triangle basis, and that blender would not try to create geometry that doesn't already exist.