Post-merge Tuhopuu / Windows-gcc (2004/02/15)

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Post-merge Tuhopuu / Windows-gcc (2004/02/15)

Post by Hos »

As some of you know, we merged tuhopuu with bf-blender
yesterday, so we now have raytracing, better python goodies,

Merging is a bit of a tricky thing, so hopefully everything works
OK. Any feedback is appreciated.

This build also has Kester's work on the solid integration
into the gameengine. ...



Post by Guest »

At the end, a tuhopuu version that not crash my windoze!
I'm so happy, the alligning tool is great. But there's a little bug on it: when allign vertices, the object (mesh) is considered have an identity matrix: you must use ctrl+A to it to work propertly.

Great job, thank you both the coders and the compiler.

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Post by jd-multi »

:shock: Ketsers try on solid?? Ooh man that's a build that's really worth a download. Well finally got some beta test of the game engine, I hope it works a little, I know it won't work completely, but it is a test, enought to see someone is working on it. Well Keep going over there, this is awesome. :P

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Post by Metallica »

YAY! ...but its really buggy right now =\ ODE doesn't work for me last... and SUMO works but has a huge amount of bugs.... (last time i compiled)

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Post by Dracarys »

need.... linux... compile....

need.... solid.... back....

/me falls on dry desert ground gasping

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Post by Apollux »

Wrap tool doesn't seem to work ... :roll:

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Post by theeth »

Apollux wrote:Wrap tool doesn't seem to work ... :roll:
Works here... :?

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