Tuhopuu / Windows (2004/02/21)

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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Post by Ghost »

Blendix: I didn't write it explicitly, but the brightness feature was ment for the UV/Image editor. Just to clear things out.

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Post by Caronte »

blendix wrote:Imagine that these two parts were unwrapped separatly. You want them to be glued together. So you select the texture vertices you want to be glued together in the UV editor, and click 'Heal'. Now the function will now which texture vertices need to be 'merged' into the same place, based on the mesh.
Thank you very much!
I understand now :D (very usefull)
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Post by bjornmose »

hi all, Ghost
had to reorganize mesh drawing for the active face always visible (did vanish when non active faces stick to the active face and were drawn over the allready draw active face, same in 3d view)

some tiny bits slipped (sorrry) :oops:

working on it, some allready repaired in CVS


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Post by kflich »

blendix- thanks alot !!! it's GENIOUS !!!

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Post by gargola »

this is great! very useful.saves time and makes things look better.
good work! :D

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Post by Gelu »

This build with ODE not only that its more better, but its faster too!

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Post by macouno »

Hang on... so I was playing with it and.... suddenly find a "toon edge" setting in the object screen, but it doesn't seem to do anything????

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