Tuhopuu / Windows (2004/03/05)

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Tuhopuu / Windows (2004/03/05)

Post by nozzy »

This is a old build, check newer posting

Tuhopuu with ODE

feature with this build

Check the logs for updates:

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Post by Skelet »

Testing new stuff......
Here's lot of good things inside, special thanx for align and drop stuff.
The Skelet

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Post by jd-multi »

:shock: :shock: :shock: Ooh my freaking Tupohuu, that ctrl+I function to add IK bones, = awesome, I mean, really easy and saves soo much time making Ik's. and awesome to see some game engine functions back. :D

Btw, this tupohuu buidl has got some refresh bugs, like when making a animation and play it in 1 viewport, the another veiwport buttons or meshes will animate like there is a eartquacke. Also when using keys to move trought the frames making animations, the object button in each viewport will change into mesh, and change back, and so on while you stop moving trought the frames using the arrow keys.

When I move my mouse trough the list of export features, eah button will appear like it's lagging. When you go over it, it will turn for a 0,5 second blank and change back.

I hope these refresh bugs can be fixed, because I never saw this in blender 2.32 or else. I've got my opengl and 3D card updated. :?

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please note...

Post by RobertT »

Please note...

I downloaded the March 5th Windows binary of Tuhopuu to check out the Align/Alter Object commit. I had coded and tested the Align/Alter Object functions to conform to the latest bf-blender source, and after three weeks of testing I posted it to bf-commiters.

Some strangeness is at play with Align/Alter in Tuhopuu, so I thought I'd forewarn everyone how this code acts in this particular compile of Tuhopuu: objects seem to disappear during free and random resizing, random rotations, and random relocations of objects.

Hopefully Tuhopuu related issues can be resolved. Align/Alter does work in clean bf-blender compiles though, so hopefully at some point everyone will get to have fun with all the new functions :)


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