bf-blender / Windows (2004/04/03)

User-contributed CVS development builds. Please test and give feedback!

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Post by gabio »


The GI lamp will not be included (for me a least) 'till some work will be done on the GI code and/or 'till i can patch my build... (for some reason it actualy break my build so...)

If you deadfully want to try it, the build of kane is still avalable:

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Post by theeth »

The Ambient Occlusion settings will be included in the World next to the Ambient color.
Doing is a lamp is clumsy since you can't have more than one per scene and it's not orientation dependant.

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Post by GFA-MAD »

-Very good idea to put Occlusion settings in the World window. But remember that with the same code, we can simulate dirt (like the shader dirt on Cinema 4D). So it could be a good idea to add a texture dirt referencing to the same peace of code but with a "sub" effect. (Add for ambient light). Also, when a ray is throw to calculate the occlusion, it could be a good idea to evaluate the color of the object in order to simulate radiosity...(And not only ambient light)
-The game engine is working fine. Some collision problems, but nothing dramatic.
-New textures are working perfectly. I've tried bump, displacement, and all is OK

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Post by llunasol »

Yes, definitely the Occlution settings have more sense on the World panel. The new built has this new setting and works smoothly :D

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Post by Monkeyboi »

I reckon it would be neat if Ambient Occlusion could be used as a shader type in the Material buttons as well as a setting in the render buttons (not World, this is a rendering feature)

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