bf-blender / Windows (2004/04/14)

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bf-blender / Windows (2004/04/14)

Post by gabio »

A new build for today.
scons python 2.23 msvc6

-New AO fun
-Rigid body physics for non spherical bounding objects.

note:is it normal that scons don't compile under python 2.3?
btw, this build still work on the old 2.2 python platform.


Fix for bug #1065: boolean ops with meshes containing 0 faces crashed on Linux and OSX.

Check first if meshes have faces, otherwise don't do boolean op.

(see: ... 9&atid=125)

Fix for bug #1134 Numpad "." key broken for num entry ... 9&atid=125

Thanks to jesterking for saving me the time to look for the proper spelling for the event ;)

Fix bug #1126: Ray sensor detects a near sensor attached to the same object and then goes into an endless loop trying to ignore it.

Tell the user he is trying to do a boolean op with a faceless mesh, instead of spewing a meaningless "An internal error occurred -- sorry" message.

Bug #1141

When choosing 'International fonts' this variable was not reset
when loading .B.blend again with CTRL+X.

Move the check for this to read_homefile() instead of init() call.

Fix for bug #1100

Under Windows, Quicktime images with a depth < 32 didn't
show up in the sequence editor. To fix this a non transparent layer was added to them. (bf227-bf232)

I now have disabled this trick for GIF images, so the transparency is preserved. But this is a quick fix and
should be replaced by a transparency check function.

A fix for bug #1060 (crashes in armature editmode after IK children are
grabbed in pose mode).

Bug fix by pidhash (a.k.a Joilnen). Thanks!

Bug 1142

In Mesh editmode, with option "draw faces", hiding 1 vertex of a quad
doesn't always result in not drawing the face. Only 3 out of 4 vertices
were tested.

Bug fix 1139

Weight Painting didn't work with (Paint Panel) option "Soft". This due
to a wrong check for normals in displaylists.

Bug 1136

Saving images from UV editing window was confused... initially I thought
it only used the same format as input image, but it did use the same
as F10 buttons specified, sorta. Fixes include:

- BIF_write_ibuf() now uses current Scene renderdata to check for
image type (it checked the global R struct instead, which is only
set correct after render)
- Fileselector now gives correct title in bar (like "SAVE TARGA")
- Pulldown menu in UV window now always gives the "Save" option
- removed the weird usage of BTST() to check for flags, and made it
using the #defines instead for readability

Bug 729

When more than 30 scenes are in a scene, the sequencer "Add" option didnt
show a databrowse window.
This was a nasty one, because databrowse facilities are more-of tied to
having a header. The fix is that I added option to IDnames_to_pupstring()
to not limit the menu (by passing NULL for menu short pointer).

Also noticed a bug with pupmenu_col(), which did return on a val==0 event
(mouse release) which shouldn't be, this makes sequences of menus not

Fix for a bug where changing frames would not update some blend's
using nla.

Fix for bug #1145 bevel numbutton not changing when clicking on the sides ... 9&atid=125

I changed the fbutton function to give the possibility to control the a1 and a2 parameters of the button.

This commit also fixes two things in the bevel function:
- The numbut didn't do anything because it wasn't recalculating the proper variable
- The display wasn't recalculated when pressing Ctrl or Shift (it's now done by recalculating after every keyboard event. I've done it this way since the event loops seems to skip CTRL and SHIFT events)

Remove GamePlayer libraries from the Scons build - they have to be linked into their own target.

1. Check material names passed to the physics engine (for collision sensors.)

gameobj->getClientInfo()->m_auxilary_info = (matname ? (void*)(matname+2) : NULL);
It works if matname is "MAblah", but not if matname is "".

2. Added constructor for struct RAS_CameraData.
3. Added initializers to the struct KX_ClientObjectInfo constructor
4. Collision sensors won't detect near sensors.
5. A stack of minor tweaks, adjusting whitespace, using ++it for stl stuff.

BPython: cleaning some bug tracker entries:

(excuse me for doing all in a single commit, but they are tiny
fixes and it's bpython, that dark corner ...)

#1025 - FileSelector SEGV on dynamic callback Category:

Can't reproduce with current cvs, I'd say recent changes to fix
another crash related to FileSelector in gui-less scripts solved this
one, too.

#1028 - Reserved button event number:

Menu choices generate two events, one extra related to the menu
itself, with value=4. Made bpython ignore this extra event.

#1068 - FileSelector No file extension support:

As Ton wrote there, Blender itself doesn't support this yet. But the
requester also wanted Window.File/ImageSelector to accept a pathname. Done. Also updated doc.

#959 - Segfault on background rendering:

This happened in bg mode (blender -b filename -a, for example) when
a script with the line "Blender.Redraw()" was linked to FRAMECHANGED events. As reported in the bug page, it was because curarea is NULL in bg mode. Made Redraw() check for this and not call functions that expected curarea in Redraw, like one to swap buffers.

#1072 - Blender.Redraw() Segfault:

Good catch : ). Scripts called from the scripts win that called
Blender.Redraw() or Blender.Window.Redraw() would crash Blender because of a dirty pointer in Spacescript->script. Fixed.

Fix bug: adding Armature as parent for object, which is not Mesh, crashes blender. Menu item "Use Armature" is present only for Mesh object.

Bug fix #799 revisited

Now we're on the root of the problem. Ghost (OSX) didn't accept rawkeys
for the 1-2-...0 keys on a french keyboard. These have apparently different
symbols on it. (these silly french! :)
This commit intercepts the rawkeys in convertKey() call, and manually
makes sure theyre correctly mapped.

So: now french (spanish, etc) OSX users can finally use layer hotkeys! And
the popup menu shortcuts! :)

Tested & verified by Lukep. Merci!

Bug fix 1130

In buttons_object panels, there was an old check for used library data
that evaluated data linked on objects, instead of object.
Restored it to checking for ob->id.lib only.

BTW: the setButLock() is persistant, and should be reset after.

Fix for Bug #620.

Selection in the NLA window was often offset due to bad handling of
constraint channels (whatever the heck they are) and such.

Thanks to malefico and slikdigit for example blends.

More AO fun to play with:
- AO energy slider to control amount
- option "Use sky color" for colored AO. The horizon color will define
bottom diffuse color, the zenith works on top
- option "Use sky texture" will do a full sky render to define AO color

Please note that AO energy and color only is found when a ray does not
intersect. So for interior scenes make sure 'Dist' value is sufficient

New also is:

- World "Map input" allows "Ang Map" (Angular mapping) which can be used
for 360 degree spherical maps, aka as Light Probes. Check samples here:
Note that Blender doesn't support HDRI images yet, but option "Use sky tex"
already gives intersting results with such images

- World sky rendering with Image Textures now correctly filters and uses
antialiasing. Also noticable for raytrace mirror reflections

- World preview render for sky type "Real" now gives correct view as
defined by current used camera.

I tried to speed up AO tracing with coherence systems, none of it really
worked yet... time to tackle octree itself i guess!

Alternative for abusing enter/exit editmode after doing an import.


Basically this abuse was only for normals and draw flags. For huge imports
the editmode hack is far too slow.

Now added to vrml importer. Hos can check for his stl work!

Bug fix 1148

In do_versions() the new texture parameters were always initialized,
whilst we didn't go for a new release number yet.
Now it checks for a value==0.0

- fix for bug 62

I found it was an easy one to fix after all... the stars system is still
old and very cumbersome code, but for parts it now just works too, by
just disabling clipping in advance (as for panorama).

Rigid body physics for non spherical bounding objects.
If your simulation becomes unstable, crank up the 'Form' control.

Removed Solid from class SumoPhysicsEnvironment (since it wasn't actually used.)

A new build is available
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Post by GFA-MAD »

I'm jumping on this build !!!! Get ready for the bug hunting ! :wink:


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Post by GFA-MAD »

Well, let's concentrate on the Game Engine because it's the newest feature. Of course, there is the AO but it seems to work quite good (I've made some test with a simple sphere to see if Horizon and Zenith were taken in account...Well, it's working !)

For the game Engine, I am testing it with this small WalkThrough:
(1 2 4 5 to walk)

I've created this because Dungeon Master is one of the best game ever seen...GFX were taken from Dungeon Master Java, but that's only for a test (or maybe one day a clone of Dungeon Master will be done with ... Blender !).

OK, back to the GameEngine:

-Always more CPU time needed for this version than for 2.25.

-The problem that cause object to pass through the floor seems to be solved. I've made many tries, and no collisions were 'forgotten'. Great job ! :P

-Sometime during the Walkthrough, I am blocked by invisible wall. There is nothing of course, but the player 'stop'. I restart the game and the problem has vanished...

-In my exemple, there is a 'preasure ground' that activate when walking on it. Well, one time, it detected the player collision while I was far away from this object !

-New Rigid body: Impressive ! Testing Cube, cylinder & cone: That's OK ! :shock: Some little problems, but nothing compared to the power of this feature.

Well, my small conclusion is that the GameEngine is better in this build ! Good work. A little more work and the level of 2.25 will be reached.

Thanks to everyone for your works


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Post by Saluk »

Great work everyone. Zelda runs slow but it doesn't crash right off the bat which is nice. Mechwarrior crashes when I start firing my lasers, and still falls through the ground most of the time, except for the FIRST run. There seems to be an issue with added objects that really needs to be rectified, but I'm having a hard time pinning it down. It shows itself in CrescentDawn and it might have to do with the slowdown in zelda, and its also the reason for dragothic's slowdown. I'll see if I can narrow it down to one cause.

(My testgames are here)

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Post by GFA-MAD »

Well, after other test, it seems, like Saluk said, that sometime object are again passing through the floor. :( Good search Kester :wink:

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Post by pa_furijaz »


This is, a bug, with AO and Sky color.

That is, the blend file, of bug.

thank for all works.
Excuse me, for my, bad English

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python game api

Post by verence »

in 2.25 it was possible to access the Blender.* modules from the game engine. i also noticed that the object returned by LogicBrick.getOwner() is a different one (no functionality) than 2.25 did. is this change a design decision or just a temporarily issue?


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Post by GFA-MAD »

pa_furijaz, I've test your .blend and I've got the same bug ! Strange bug....


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Post by kencanvey »

Try turning on unified renderer :)


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Post by GFA-MAD »

Well done kencanvey, the problem disappear with the UR. But AO is supposed to work with or without UR, no ?


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Post by GFA-MAD »

New problem :( :
'Mouse over' sensor doesn't seem to work fine...But I didn't post the buf because it must be always the same problem: Collision, no ?



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Post by TorQ »

Resaving an image from the uv/image editor window always saves as a jpeg regardless of the original image type.


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Post by theeth »

TorQ wrote:Resaving an image from the uv/image editor window always saves as a jpeg regardless of the original image type.
It uses the file type defined in the scenes settings.

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Post by TorQ »

Ahh.. Ok. Thanks for the clarification.


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Post by cessen »

Yay! I'm *extremely* glad to see that sky image-textures are now filtered. Horray! :-)

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