bf-blender / Windows (2004/05/27)

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bf-blender / Windows (2004/05/27)

Post by gabio »

A new build for today.
scons msvc7, virus free

Relevant work:
-game engine
-python api
-python script in image/uv's menu UVs.

Changed two shorts in int, for calculation of distance between bezier point
and mouse coordinate in selecting routine.
Caused selection not to work in extreme zoom ins.
(Thanks OOPz!)

Game Python Reference Manual.
This manual lists all the Python classes and modules for Game Objects, Sensor bricks, Controllers etc.
Missing: Actuator & Controller reference.

Added the hotkey for Bevel in the menus

Log: (python api)
- added Boneclass support
- ability to get a bonespace/worldspace bone matrix
- get ik flag
- some tweaking to matrix updates for addBone()
- documentation update for new functions
- error corrections in NLA about dictionaries

* Added support for python scripts to register themselves
in the UV/Image editor 'UVs' menu

Script authors can use:
Group: 'UV'
in the headers of their scripts to let them appear in
this menu.

* Updated the UV Face Layout script to reside in the UVs
menu, rather than the (incorrect) File->Export menu.

BPython:(python api)
- Campbell Barton contributed another function (thanks again), the Image.reload method:
with this a script can keep an image that is being edited and saved by an external program updated in Blender.

Fixed a potential bug in the uv editor transform function, a check if the tface
might be only an edge was missing in one of the loops.

Fix a crash that would sometimes happen when clicking the texture painting
button in the image window header. Made headerbuttons_packdummy a static
variable again. The uiDefBut call for the texture painting button stores a
reference to it, so it must be kept in memory.

Log:(python api)
Changed parameters names in addCurve function (suggested by Paolo)
DLoc* --> dLoc*
DRot* --> dRot*
DSize* --> dSize*
updated doc (

bugfix: #1322 minor tweaks to the documentation for Draw module.

Blender.Draw.Button() was not showing up. Seems to be an epydoc
issue with Button() being both a module method and the name of a class.
I changed Button to Button_ and added a usage note.
Yes, this is lame.

Fix Bug #1309 Disabling Actor leaves Ghost, Dynamic and Rigid Body etc enabled.

Depth sorting for Transparent polygons. Use ZTransp in Material buttons to enable.
This will cause an object's polygons to be sorted (back to front for alpha polygons, front to back for solid polygons.)
Added an UpdateTransform callback from SceneGraph -> Physics.
Profiling revealed that the SceneGraph updated every physics object, whether it moved or not, even though the physics object was at the right place. This would cause SOLID to go and update its bounding boxes, overlap tests etc.
This callback handles the special case (parented objects) where the physics scene needs to be informed of changes to the scenegraph.

Added Python attributes (mass, parent, visible, position, orientation, scaling) to the KX_GameObject module.
Make KX_GameObject use the KX_PyMath Python <-> Moto conversion.
Python fixes:
Reenabled the setScript/getScript methods for python controller bricks.
Set the ray source point to MouseFocusSensor.getRaySource works.
Added: Python -> MT_Quaternion
MT_Matrix4x4, MT_Matrix3x3, MT_Vector3, MT_Point3 -> Python

Correct transform of frustum bound sphere centre point to world coordinates

In drawing solid objects ("Solid" drawmode) there were material
switches (glMaterial) inbetween a glBegin and glEnd. Combined with a
switch of glShadeModel however, on recent Nvidia it caused faces not
to be drawn... dunno if this is official compliancy, but not too
complex just to correct.

Tom Musgrove's patch to get things to compile on windows correctly.
(removes a \ thats in there for no reason)
Tom sorry this took so long to get pushed through.
A new build is available
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Post by arangel »

Great to see the game engine being polished! Thanks!
Is the culling code still present on this release? Any news on how to set it up?
My game runs very smooth on ths build as far as depth sorting goes. The new sorting code works on real time, right?
I was able to save a runtime if I included the unoficial BlenderPlayer file from this link at the build directory. Find the file here:
One is not able to see new code benefits if running with the old web plugin, right? Anyone got plans on upgrading the plugin? This is such a strong pint of Blender!
Alexandre Rangel
Multimedia Designer

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Post by arangel »

Are you developers still considering changing the new zoom behavious to not switch direction on the middle of the screen? Like left mouse move = zoom out, right mouse move zoom in, always? ... And are we getting an option for picking zoom behaviours?
Alexandre Rangel
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Post by cyb »

I have question. When bevel will be working only on selected edges, not on all model ?
Thanks for fantastic work.

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Post by matt_e »

arangel wrote:Are you developers still considering changing the new zoom behavious to not switch direction on the middle of the screen? Like left mouse move = zoom out, right mouse move zoom in, always? ... And are we getting an option for picking zoom behaviours?
Arangel, please check a recent tuhopuu build, there is an alternate alternate version in there for people to test.

info: ... pic&t=3751

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Post by crsrma »

The new zoom feature:

Was this implemented as a crutch for people migrating from another program? I don't see how this is an improvement, you just can't get the level of speed of navigation as with the standard zoom. Although the irregular horizontal mouse input can be acclimated to, you consistently have to be more thoughtful of your movement due to the bounds, which lack concrete visual reference & you're left with incosistent levels of zoom. It seems to be more dynamic, but I don't believe it feels anywhere near as natural in usage. This is just another example of hubris in engineering & will lead to unnecessary tedium in our collective workflow. I see this as ultimately just another stumbling block for curious novices, people migrating & possibly, longtime users most of all.

In closing, I'm dropping the cliche bomb: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

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Post by teachtech »

I'm with you about the game engine runtime arangel! Thanks for the link for the old player. does work well, but through me out once or twice during game play. I also liked the runtime settings feature. I hope that someone is able to code it back in again.

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Post by jd-multi »

Well the runtime settings can be set by a simple .bat file tha contains some info how the exe will be showed. I saw such test on elysiun, and it works well. :D

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